Pre-Loved Saso Original Outlook - Version 2

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      One of Skoot Ezy's Crown Jewel refurbished Saso Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB). Original outlook. Its sibling was sold just last month to its rightful, responsible, hardworking and dedicated owner.

      Simply put, you will get tired before your Saso does! Came with a Land Transport Authority (LTA) registered blue tag. This Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) is transferrable via website.

      Excellent working condition and came in a standard original look with front basket. Tested and proven by delivery food riders for orders around NUH/NUS.

      Definitely Deliveroo, Food Panda and GrabFood delivery ready. Super reliable workhorse which one can instantaneously ride off upon purchase.



  • 60V 35Ah LGMJ1 Battery
  • 23A Controller
  • 250W Motor
  • Pedal Assist
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Signal Lights
  • Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes
  • Front & Rear 18 inch Tires
  • Front & Rear Conventional Suspension


      Fret not! To those who love this so much but budget is a bit off, we have an in-house, non-negotiable instalment payment plan. Subject to terms and conditions.

All we need are the following:

 of $2500.00

(PAB will be released upon down-payment to the owner)

  of $500.00 till you completed the 6th month's payment.


Documents needed:

  1. 2 Singapore/SPR NRICs with Singapore addresses;
  2. Income Proof/CPF Statement.


Price stated exclude a delivery charge of SGD$40.00 for domestic/local market. International sea shipping charges apply.