GUB Bicycle Handlebar Extender

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This GUB handlebar extender set includes two aluminium alloy clamps and one 22.2mm diameter carbon fiber bar to provide extra handlebar space for GPS, smartphones, lights, and other devices.

It lasts a long time because of the high-quality carbon fiber material and CNC-processed aluminium alloy. This product has two properties: anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Two CNC-processed aluminium alloy clips and one 130cm carbon fiber extension bar are included in the kit.

Ideal for GPS, lights, cycling computers, bike horns, and other devices that require additional handlebar area.

Fits bicycles with 3.18cm handlebars. For installation and removal, you'll need only the right screwdrivers. Depending on your preferences, install the bar with one or two clips. Approximately 88g in weight. It is exclusively available in black.