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Skoot Ezy

Sine Wave Controller

Sine Wave Controller

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        The motor is exceptionally quiet when using a sine-wave controller. Longer lifespan, more consistent performance, more efficiency, and lower current consumption.

        It has a three-speed gear change. EABS plus mechanical brakes, high, and low are the three power brake modes. Its flexible EABS brakes improved vehicle braking safety and reliability significantly. Silent brakes with a gentle effect were achieved. Reduces the amount of force applied to the motor.

        The totally power-off function turns off the controller when the power is turned off. Can significantly increase safety performance by reducing the overuse phenomena.

        Protects from extreme temperatures. The controller will self-adjust to the regular temperature if it overheats. The controller's self-test feature detects the shift, brake, hall, and MOS tube when it is turned on, ensuring your safety while riding.

        Skoot Ezy offers six different types of sine wave controllers: 

  •  36V-48V 350W 18A
  •  48V-64V 380W 18A 
  •  48V-64V 500W 23A 
  •  48V-64V 800W 31A
  •  48V-64V 1000W 35A
  •  60V-72V 1000W 35A


        Are you unsure which one is best for your electric bicycle? Visit us for advice and let us handle the worry of repairing it for you.

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