Brakes and Tires Replacement Services at Skoot Ezy

The brakes and tires of any cyclist are among the most frequently required maintenance parts. Your ride's performance is heavily dependent on them. A set of properly working brakes guarantees that a rider slows down or comes to a complete halt when necessary. However, if they wear out too soon, they may cause catastrophic brake damage. Brake pads, for example, must be replaced regularly to avoid premature deterioration.

Brakes for electric bikes, electric bicycles, electric scooters, and personal mobility aids are all available from us.

Tires will eventually wear out, which is unavoidable for all riders. The tread on the tires provides traction. Riders are at risk when their tires are worn down because they can quickly skid, which is especially dangerous on wet days. Tire wear should also be checked to ensure that a rider's tires remain efficient. Riders can stay informed about the amount of air remaining in their tires by monitoring tire pressure. If they're short on traction, they'll need to change them before they lose their grip!

Weight and Balance

The weight of the rider's electric bicycle should also be monitored to ensure that the ride is not too strenuous. When a rider's electric bicycle becomes excessively heavy, the risk of falling while riding increases. Other elements, such as damp weather and potholes, can, however, alter weight.

And, because tubes tend to lose air with time, they should be examined regularly. If a tube is ruptured, the cyclist should replace it as soon as possible.

Our tire sizes range from 10 inches to 24 inches in diameter. It is also required for those who ride dirt bikes, often known as electric bikes, or off-road vehicles.

Our professionals will provide you with recommendations on the kind of tires that are suitable for your rides before beginning the replacement. Call us at +65 9040 8773 or send us an email at for more information or to organize a consultation. The consultation is, of course, free!

16 inch 80/90-12 Semi-Slick CST Tubeless Tire with rim on the picture      14 inch tire and tube replacement services available at Skoot Ezy.  A picture of rear brake pad change for electric bicycle. Front tire and tube replacement picture for an electric bicycle.