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Topside Brake Lever Set

Topside Brake Lever Set

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What's the use of having a topside brake lever?

Topside brake levers are little metal levers attached to the handlebar of an electric bicycle that, when pulled, cause the brakes to stop (by pulling a cable or by compressing hydraulic liquid).

It also has a power cut-off feature. Power cut-off brakes are primarily used for safety reasons. They increase the safety of your ride. When you pull the brake lever, a sensor sends a signal to the controller, which causes the motor to shut down. In the event of an emergency stop, it will safeguard the rider. To trigger the brake cut off, you must apply the brake levers slightly. In general, you should squeeze the brake lever roughly halfway to guarantee that your brake sensor activates and sends a signal to the controller to cut off the motor power.

The front brake lever is often located on the right handgrip. The rear brake lever is located on the left handgrip, whereas the front brake lever is located on the right handgrip.

How far should the brake levers be away from the grips?

You should ride with your hands as close to the ends of your handlebars as possible, with no more than 10mm visible. Straighten your forefinger and place it on your lever; it should sit on your last knuckle without forcing you to pull the lever.

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