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Crankset Opener

Crankset Opener

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When your crank set jams or you are trapped on the side of the road, do not become stranded. We have thought of everything! This lightweight, low-cost crank set opener is a must-have for any rider. It is the simplest method for removing or detaching your crank set from your electric bicycle. Because it may be used to remove the crank set from both sides of the bicycle and even to mount the front wheel in reverse. It is ideal for individuals who do not want to spend a lot of money on tools but yet require a reliable technique to open their electric bicycle.

How to Apply:

1) First, slip the crank opener over the spindle of your crank set and tighten it to 45-55Nm (35-40 ft/lbs).

2) Next, tap the two ears on either side of the spindle with a hammer. This will release each side from its mountings.

3) You are finished! Remove the crank set by lifting the spindle off the crank set with the crank opener.

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