Unleashing the Thrill: Skoot Ezy 3rd Expedition to 400km Mersing Endurance Trip

Unleashing the Thrill: Skoot Ezy 3rd Expedition to 400km Mersing Endurance Trip

Better late than never, here we go again on our 3rd Expedition to the 400km Mersing Endurance Trip. We set off on 12th December 2019, Thursday evening and returned on 15th December 2019, Sunday evening. This expedition was filled with excitement, challenges, and the thrill of adventure. Let's delve into the details of our unforgettable journey.

Preparations for this trip were an interesting and crucial part of the entire experience, especially considering the increased number of participants this time around. All electric scooters, also known as Personal Mobility Devices (PMD), had to meet certain requirements to qualify for this expedition. Rigorous checks and necessary upgrades were carried out a month prior to the embarkation date to ensure the safety and reliability of the scooters.

You can catch a glimpse of our preparations on our official Skoot Ezy Facebook page. The meticulous attention to detail ensured that our journey would be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


At around 17:30 hr on 12th December 2019, Thursday, we set off from Skoot Ezy Showroom to Changi Ferry Terminal, the starting point of our expedition. The participants were filled with anticipation and excitement, eager to embark on this remarkable adventure. Upon reaching the Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal at approximately 21:00 hr, we were greeted by the safety vehicle, a Ford 4x4 Jeep, which would accompany us throughout the trip. As a standard practice, Skoot Ezy personnel performed safety checks on all the rides before we set off, ensuring the utmost safety for everyone involved.

The endurance level of our participants was commendable. Riding in total darkness, illuminated only by the headlights of the safety vehicle and the lights on the PMDs, they displayed remarkable energy and enthusiasm as they made their way to the first stop. We took the opportunity to rest and recharge our batteries while enjoying a well-deserved break. The rest of the journey to the Felda Residence Tanjung Leman hotel was smooth and accompanied by perfect weather conditions.


One of the highlights of this expedition was the presence of a father and son duo. The father, also part of our safety vehicle personnel, decided to join us on this adventure, creating a memorable bonding experience between father and son.



Upon checking into the hotel, we indulged in a hearty complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn, and as it started to drizzle, we decided to relax and take a nap instead of going for a swim.


When the rain finally subsided and the weather cleared, we headed to the beach with our rides, enjoying the refreshing coastal atmosphere.


As the night set in, we couldn't resist the temptation of a late-night snack. The irresistible RM7.50 Ramly Burgers satisfied our cravings, providing a delicious treat to rejuvenate us for the remainder of the journey. This was our second visit to this stall, and we made a promise to the owner to visit them on every expedition. Sharing the goodness of these burgers with the increased number of participants added to the camaraderie and shared experiences. The mouthwatering taste of the burgers helped alleviate any fatigue from the long ride. However, the weather didn't fully cooperate the next day and night, forcing us to spend most of our time indoors.



As the clock struck 21:00 hr, the safety vehicle was ready to accompany us on our return journey to Singapore. 


Since we missed the chance to explore the town of Pekan Sedili Besar due to the rain, we decided to pass by it on our way back to the jetty, making use of the ample time we had. However, the journey was interrupted by a sudden downpour, leaving us with no choice but to seek shelter and charge our rides' batteries. We took a quick nap in Sedili Kechil before resuming our journey. In the afternoon, we safely arrived at the Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal, where we awaited our ferry ride back to Singapore. Despite the challenging weather conditions, our chosen route remained clear and safe, unlike the alternative route, which was flooded.   


This expedition proved to be fruitful and memorable, with the participants overcoming obstacles and embracing the spirit of adventure. To stay updated on all our activities at Skoot Ezy, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @skootezy. We invite you to join us for our next expedition in April 2020, and registration is now open. For registration or any inquiries, feel free to PM us on Facebook, Instagram, or email us at skootzezy@gmail.com.


The 3rd Expedition to the 400km Mersing Endurance Trip was a testament to the spirit of exploration, camaraderie, and adventure. The participants' determination and the meticulous preparations ensured a safe and exciting journey. Skoot Ezy continues to provide thrilling expeditions and experiences for enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and shared passion for outdoor exploration. Join us on our next expedition and discover the thrill of the open road on your electric scooter.

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