Replacements and Upgrades

        As we grow to love our Personal Mobility Device (PMD), Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) and Electric Bikes (E-bikes), maintenance comes naturally. At Skoot Ezy, we make it possible for every part of your beloved ride parts easily available so that you can take good care of them. 

        Oh yes, we do provide services for Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs). Email at, we will try our best to render our services for you as well. Alternatively, you can reach us at or

        When you care for them, they will serve you very well and longer. But of course, you can always send them to us so that our Specialist takes care of them for you!



Shimano Saint M810 M820 ZEE M640 Brake Pads     Fiido DYU Brake Pads Per Pair (Type B)     Fiido 36V Controller     Bottom Bracket (BB): Square Taper