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CST Rhino King V2 12 Inches Tire/Tube

CST Rhino King V2 12 Inches Tire/Tube

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CST Rhino King V2 12 Inches Tyre/Tube Selections

      Upgrade your 12-inch scooter with the durable CST Rhino King V2 12 Inches Tire/Tube. Specifically designed for popular models like Fiido, DYU, Tempo, AM Scoot, and many others, this high-quality tire offers superior performance and reliability.

      The larger width of the tire provides increased surface contact, ensuring optimal grip and stability when making turns and cornerings. Ride with confidence and enjoy enhanced control over your scooter's manoeuvrability.

      Whether you're commuting or exploring the city, the CST Rhino King V2 tire is built to withstand various road conditions and deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. Experience improved traction and durability with this top-notch tire.

      Upgrade your 12-inch scooter today and take your riding experience to the next level. 

The price stated excludes Delivery/Shipping Charges for both Domestic and International. 

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