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Skoot Ezy

PAB Motor Servicing

PAB Motor Servicing

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An electric bicycle, like any other vehicle, requires routine maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining your electric bicycle will keep it working smoothly, effectively, and safely, all of which will help the battery and motor last longer.

Every few months, you need take your electric bicycle to an electric bicycle store that specializes in electric bicycles for routine maintenance. If you use your electric bicycle to travel to work or run errands on a regular basis, you will want to visit the shop more often. You should treat your electric bicycle with the same care as you would an automobile. Keeping up with servicing and maintenance will keep your electric bicycle on the road for a longer period of time and save you from unforeseen problems when you least expect them.

It is advised to bring in your electric bicycle for servicing after a geared brushless motor has been running for 6 months. Brushless motor with a one-year warranty.

Skoot Ezy servicing costs begin at $80 and go up depending on the state of your electric bicycle.

What's included in the PAB Motor Servicing Package?

Coils, magnets, connectors, hall sensor, wirings, and bearings are disassembled and physically checked. Replacement of worn-out bearings and magnet cracks. Cleaning and re-greasing where required. Re-assembly and re-alignment are required.

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