Skoot Ezy Magical Touch Cleaning Tool Kit

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        At Skoot Ezy, We Sell, We Care. The least one can do is take good care of their ride. We present you a 2 Step Cleaning Tool Kit that requires minimal effort yet keeping your ride in its tip-top condition. When your ride looks good, you feel good!

        This Magical Touch Cleaning Tool Kit comes with

  1. 3 pieces of Magical Soapless Sponges (Width 6cm x Length 10cm x Height 2.1cm).
        Yes, no soap needed! All you need to do is dampen the Magical Soapless Sponge with tap water and clean away!
  1. 1 piece Fine Fibre Magic Cloth (30cm x 30cm).

        Fine Fibre Magic Cloth colour subject to availability. In the event the shown colour is unavailable, we will replace it with another available colour.

        This Fine Fibre Magic Cloth is a perfect combination of the Magical Soapless Sponge. After wiping the intended area, wipe the surface with this clean, dry cloth leaving a clean and clear ride to be proud of!

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