Hydraulic Brake

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        How does the hydraulic brake works? Hydraulic brakes refer to when the brake lever is pulled, fluid is being compressed which then will run all the way down to the brake caliper. After this is done the brake pad is compressed to the wheel's rim.

        With hydraulic brakes, there is no brake cable involved in the process. The braking performance on an e-bike with hydraulic brakes is more powerful since the brake pads are pushed into the rim and mechanical brakes are asymmetrical. Hydraulic brakes require maintenance after the brake pads are all completely worn out.

        Suffice to add, the hydraulic brake is more likely to last longer and less maintenance requires. Definitely an option for those who require more brake power.

        The installation charge starts from $110 onwards (subject to the difficulty of the situation). Visit the shop for an accurate quote at Skoot Ezy - 517 West Coast Road #01-559 Singapore 120517