145/7-6 Tubeless Tire

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A tubeless tire resembles a traditional tube-type clincher tire, but it does not require an inner tube and forms an airtight seal with the rim. A valve, similar to the one found on an inner tube, is installed directly on the rim. 

Is it true that tubeless is preferable to tubes?

Longer air pressure retention: When it comes to handling punctures, tubeless tyres far outperform tube tyres. Safer during punctures. If something punctures the tread and the inner liner, air just escapes around the nail, leaving the valve intact.

Is it difficult to drive on tubeless tires?

It can be tough to get them to fit. Many models are difficult to install since the tyre must be sealed against the rim. If you get a flat on a ride, this is a huge pain. Some tyres may require the use of an air compressor to install. Let us handle the replacement while you relax and enjoy the ride!