Skoot Ezy's Origin

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Skoot Ezy's Origin

    Skoot Ezy was formally known as Southern Fratellanza Singapore. Southern Fratellanza Singapore was established on September 2016. It adopted the name Skoot Ezy as part of the new Corporate Branding and to keep it in line with our Company's vision.

     Skoot Ezy will be trading and marketing 2 Designer Brands, VELOCIFERO and ZUKBOARD both domestic and the Asia Pacific. At the present, we are based at the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore.

     Having born and grew up in Singapore (No. 1 most expensive city in the world to live in! -, it is fast becoming congested with on-road vehicles. Thus, an electric scooter ideally will be another form of Go Green or Go Lite effort that Singapore can look into. 

    At Skoot Ezy, the electric scooter is our main form of transportation. Yes, we ride what we sell! Only by riding what we sell, we know the products very well. By the way, to those who knew us under the former company name, we are the BEAST SPECIALIST for Velocifero in Singapore. We are also striving towards becoming ZUKBOARD SPECIALIST aka ZB SPECIALIST (ZB pronounced as Zee Bee) in the very near future. It becomes part of us and we are in tune of their needs. In short, we are also internal customers. That is how our motto: We Sell, We Care; came about.

    We are truly honoured to be approached by both VELOCIFERO and ZUKBOARD. Hereby we would gladly share what we have come to adore with you.

     Drop us a message via email at or call us at +65 8866 7865 for any enquiries you may have. And yes, we do export our products to all over the Asia Pacific. Other International customers are recommended to email us if they are keen on our products. Will see what we can do for you.


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