Let us understand the ZUKBOARD e-scooter a little better

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Let us understand the ZUKBOARD e-scooter a little better

Why pick Bamboo?

For the past few years, we have been seeing lots of different materials being used for electric scooters. These typically range from carbon fiber to fiberglass to bamboo and even some plastics.

Generally, Bamboo makes lighter and stronger decks that have flex. This is perfect if you are looking for a flexible deck. The Bamboo will flex and keep flexing and you will not have to worry about any cracking.

Bamboo grows rapidly and quickly. It takes 5 years for one shoot of bamboo to fully grow. This is because when Bamboo is cut, it only needs the shoot to remain so it can regrow fully. Talk about having fun and still preserving the nature, right?

Bamboo is more environmentally friendly, matures quickly, takes fewer resources to grow and it is a sustainable source of material.

Another good feature of Bamboo is how lightweight and strong it is. Thanks to this bamboo ZUKBOARD City electric scooter decks are compact, flexible and lightweight.

So yeah, it is possible to make flexible electric scooter decks that can support up to 200 lbs/90 kg of weight from only 5 ply of Bamboo.

But with all these advantages, Bamboo will cost slightly more therefore be prepared to pay slightly more if you want a Bamboo deck. However, it does not mean they are not affordable. Bamboo is definitely a winner when it comes to being flexible and strong.

Also, Bamboo's flexibility will act as suspension and smoothen out a lot of road vibration for a more comfortable ride. The next time you ride on your ZUKBOARD City, do keep in mind what their socially responsible designer has designed to make your ride a wonderful yet a pleasant one.

Take a look at ZUKBOARD City decks. You can always customize your own decks too for that uniquely yours collectors' item.

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