Skoot Ezy 3rd Expedition to 400km Mersing Endurance Trip

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Skoot Ezy 3rd Expedition to 400km Mersing Endurance Trip

Better late than never, here we go again on our 3rd Expedition to 400km Mersing Endurance Trip. We set off on 12th December 2019, Thursday evening and returned on 15th December 2019, Sunday evening.

Nonetheless, preparations for this trip has been an interesting one since we have more participants this time around. All electric scooters also are known as Personal Mobility Device (PMD), have to meet the basic requirements to qualify for this expedition. Thus rigorous checks and upgrades to those needed have been done a month before the embarkation date. 

You may view the preparations at


We set off about 17:30 hr on 12th December 2019, Thursday to Changi Ferry Terminal from Skoot Ezy Showroom for the last ferry to Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal. The participants were raring to go and trying very hard to contain their excitements.

It is about 21:00hr when we found the safety vehicle (Ford 4x4 Jeep) is already waiting for us upon reaching the Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal. As usual, before any expeditions, Skoot Ezy personnel performed safety checks on all rides to ensure the journey ahead is a smooth one.

The participants have quite an endurance level to be proud of, if we may say so!


They rode energetically in total darknesses aided with only safety vehicle headlights and the PMDs lights to the 1st stop. We rested well while the batteries are being charged at that stop. The remaining part of the ride to the hotel at Felda Residence Tanjung Leman was a smooth one accompanied by perfect weather.

The highlight of the expedition this time around was the presence of father and son. A supportive father also our safety vehicle personnel decided to grace us during this expedition. An opportunity for a father and a son to bond as well.

Upon checking in, we had a hearty breakfast complimentary from the hotel of course! It started to drizzle so we decided to chill and take a nap instead of swimming.


Instantaneously, when the rain stopped, we head to the beach with our rides.


It is time for a late-night snack when the rain finally subsided. Who can resist these RM7.50 Ramly Burgers, right? A classic layer of beef patties smothered in melted cheese just made our night! This is our second visit to this stall. We made a promise to the stall owner to visit them each time we are on this expedition. So here we are sharing more goodness with more participants. These Ramly Burgers simply takes the tiredness away. 


However, the weather was not on our side for the next day and night. Therefore, we have to be indoors most of the time.

Time checked - 21:00hr. The safety vehicle is ready to accompany us on our journey back to Singapore.        


Since we missed the chance to tour the town due to the rain last night, we decided to pass by the town, Pekan Sedili Besar, on our way back to the jetty as we have plenty of time to spare.

A quarter way through the journey it starts to pour. We are left with no choice but to stop and charge our rides' battery as well as a quick nap at Sedili Kechil.


We safely reached the Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal in the afternoon and
waited for our ferry ride back to Singapore. It had been a fruitful expedition though the weather was unfavourable most of the time. We were lucky as the other route was flooded while our chosen route was quite clear and safe.

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